Hyper-reflective Kit

Safety is incredibly important to Deliveroo – and we want to ensure that you always have everything you need to stay safe on the road. This has been the primary motivation behind the design of our new rider kit, launched in September 2016. We’ve worked in consultation with Brake, the road safety organisation, to design rider kit that maximises visibility on the road.

This includes:

Helmets – We will provide specialised brand helmets which are sourced in the UK and meet the required CE approvals.

Jacket – Our rider jacket is made of highly reflective flash material, designed to outline key identifying points of the body – hood, waist, cuffs and shoulders – to ensure riders are visible from all angles and to all road users.

Trousers – Highly reflective print along the outside of each leg, as well as reflective piping on zippers, have been incorporate to draw attention to the outline of our riders in motion.

Backpack – Highly reflective flash material covers our backpack, ensuring that the full outline and size of each rider is visible to all road users.

Corex Box – Highly reflective flash material set against bright teal colouring ensures that scooters are seen from all angles.

Cycle Jersey – Designed in bright and identifiable colours, these jerseys feature reflective shoulder appliques, incorporated for visibility from higher angles. White zippers with reflective zips and lips are also built in at the back of the neck, waist and sleeves to make the rider’s shape visible as they move in low lighting.

Lights and phone holders: Available to all riders

Before riding with us, every rider also completes a programme of road safety guidance with regular updates and information available throughout the time they ride with us.