Rider Stories: Imogen

Imo is a member of the National Youth Theatre. Here she tells us about how riding with Deliveroo works alongside her acting.

I auditioned for the National Youth Theatre in January 2015 and I was lucky enough to get in first time thanks to a crazy monologue which finished with lipstick all over my face. I then spent two weeks of my summer in Greenwich, dancing, singing and acting in the Laban studios where I met some of the most inspirational and talented people I have ever known.

The best thing about NYT is the multitude of castings I can apply for and now I have frequent acting and writing auditions.

Deliveroo could not be a better job for me, not only because being a Roo is incredible amounts of fun but mainly because its so flexible – I can act and I can ride whenever I want. It’s genius.

It keeps me fit for auditions and when I spend too much time in a dark studio prancing around in costume, my deliveries help me get much needed fresh air and a break.