Rider Stories: Jack Peacock

Jack works in the New Business team for digital marketing agency, Brainlabs.

He spends his time analysing new accounts, organising industry events and bringing in new clients, as well as beating his colleagues at Mario Kart. Eventually, he’d like to run his own company.

Jack started riding with Deliveroo in April 2016. The first thing that attracted him was the rider kit but he was also looking for a way to make extra cash ahead of the Summer festival season.

He’s a keen runner – having completed several half marathons (and one full) – so cycling around Islington is great for his fitness and training.

Jack is pretty sure he delivered a Thai curry to Keira Knightly once and has considered carrying around some cards like the ones in Love Actually that say “Here’s your Deliveroo” and “Hope you enjoy”, just in case it ever happens again.