Deliveroo meets Benjamin: Taking on the 100km Tour de Bristol

Benjamin from Bath is riding the 100km Tour de Bristol!

Benjamin is currently riding with Deliveroo and training to take on Tour de Bristol, an annual ride that comes in 3 different lengths (of course Benjamin is taking on the longest!).

The ride is to raise money for St. Peter’s Hospice, a charity that focusses on raising funds for patient care at Bristol’s only adult hospice. The ride takes you into North Somerset, following the coast and across moorland.

We’re super excited for Benjamin and wish him all the best during this amazing challenge.

We spoke to Benjamin about his challenge:

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’ve been riding for Deliveroo since October last year. I currently live on a boat just outside Bath, although I’m riding in Bristol at present. My hobbies are Bike Polo (I play twice a week and try to get to a tournament at least once a year), mountain biking and sewing (slightly different I admit).

What do you like about riding with Deliveroo?

What I enjoy about riding with Deliveroo is the social aspect – the people you meet and the other riders are great fun. I also like the intellectual challenge of coming up with the most efficient route – joining two points, bearing in mind the traffic and other conditions. In addition, it’s just nice to be out and about on my bike, especially when it’s busy.

Can you tell us more about the event?

The St. Peters Hospice Tour de Bristol is an annual event. There are three routes – 35km, 50km and 100km. I’m doing the 100km route, which will take me around north Somerset with 1629m of ascent – including the Cheddar Gorge. The time I must complete it in is 7.5 hours so I need to be averaging just over 8 miles an hour which should be no problem.

Have you done anything like this before or is this a first for you?

This is the first properly organised charity ride I’ve done of any length, but I’ve been loaded touring in Britain and Europe as well as doing the Exmouth Exodus, an overnight ride from Bath to Exmouth of approximately 110 miles.

How can people support you with your challenge?

If people want to support me in my challenge then please sponsor me as that will provide a major spur! And feel free to come and laugh at me along the route!

What advice would you give to other riders wanting to raise money for a charity?

My advice to anyone who wants to raise money for charity is just go out there and do it, there are lots of events! If you have been riding for Deliveroo for any amount of time you undoubtedly have the underlying fitness for a charity ride – it’s just a matter of getting used to doing longer routes!