Deliveroo meets: Eamonn, taking on a 110 mile cycle challenge!

Father and Son team Mick and Eamonn are taking part in a 110 mile cycle challenge in aid of Recovery Haven.

The pair will take part in the Ring of Kerry in July, a cycle challenge supporting and raising money for a variety of local charities.

All proceeds from Mick and Eamonn’s ride will be going to Cancer Support House in Kerry. Recovery Haven provides a safe environment and psychological and social support for those living with cancer as well as their family and carers. They have chosen to raise money for this charity as, sadly, cancer has affected both family and friends.

We spoke to Eamonn about the challenge he’ll be taking on:

Tell us about you and your Dad!

I’ve just finished college where I was studying public services. I go out cycling most weeks with my Dad and I play for a football club called Central Ajax based in Warwick. My Dad owns a company and loves to cycle too. I’m 19 and my Dad is 56.

What do you like about riding with Deliveroo?

I like how it’s different to every other job I’ve had before. Every delivery is different to the last one, you never really have boring days because it’s always varied!

Why did you choose to take part in this Charity Cycle and support Recovery Haven Cancer Support?

We chose to take part because our family, as well as friends, has been affected by cancer. Recovery Haven offers support so people don’t need to face things alone. It’s for a good cause and we’ve been wanting to do something to help the community. My Dad is from Ireland so we wanted to help there.

How are you training for the challenge and how is it going? Do you and your Dad cycle together day to day?

We go out cycling on the weekends and we do about 50 miles and my Dad goes out in the week every other night. I guess I do too because I’ll be out delivering! At the moment it’s going really well and we’re on target. We’re able to do half of the route at the moment and we can do that easily!

Have you taken part in something like this before?

I’ve never done a big event like this before but my Dad has. He cycled 350 miles around Ireland for a friend’s family member who was struggling with cancer. I’ve done some challenges before but I haven’t attempted something of this scale.

What advice would you give to other riders looking to take part in a challenge like this or raising money for charity?

I’d say plan a route of 20 miles and gradually build up. Look in the area for the steepest hills and try and take them on! To raise money it’s easy, set up a JustGiving page and share it around on Facebook etc. You can even ask companies to share your story and sponsor you like Deliveroo are doing for me!

Me and my Dad are both really excited to take part and we think it’ll be a great challenge!