Deliveroo meets: Greg, cycling a whopping 2000km across Europe!

Greg Nichols is a Deliveroo rider and civil engineering student taking on a crazy challenge. Riding by his side are friends Dean Welsh and Sam Kashmari, both Deliveroo riders.

Setting off on 10th June, Greg and team will cycle from the hook of Holland all the way to Rome. It is expected to take 20 days with a minimum target of a whopping 100 km per day! It covers a huge variety of terrain, including a cycle over the alps!

Greg has already raised an impressive £1,316 for Voluntary Service Overseas. VSO are a charity with projects all over the world, with the aim of fighting poverty through the action of individuals.

As well as riding, Greg is prepared to take on some bonus donations. For example, £25 will get you a forfeit of your choice (use your imagination!) and £50 lets you choose an item of clothing, (think tutu and silly hats) that he will wear the whole way.

After the challenge, Greg will be travelling to Manthan in India. In July, Greg and his team will spend a number of months working with Pravah, establishing health camps so doctors can effectively screen and treat patients. They will also be working on developing the resources currently available in this rural area.

We spoke to Greg about the challenge:

So firstly, tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m in my final year of a master’s degree, I spend lot of time cycling and spend all my spare money on travel. I decided I wanted to help in India. I went last year and drove my motorbike across the country. The people helped me a lot and I want to help them.

Tell us about the challenge you are taking on.

I leave on the 10th June when I’ll be cycling to Belgium, through Liege and Frankfurt towards Rome. Two of my friends will be coming with me to Germany.

At Stuttgart they’re leaving and I’ll spend another 5 days cycling across the Alps to Milan alone. I have some more friends joining me in Milan and we spend another 5 days cycling.

In total, according to the map, it’s just short of 2000km but in reality it could be more than that as we won’t be riding in a straight line the whole time. I’m going for 3 months to help the children and build their support network with government funding.

In order to fund this project, VSO require us to raise a certain amount of money which I am currently raising.

Tell us about the charity you chose and why did you chose it.

I have done a lot of research and VSO are one of the only charities in the UK that I could find which is funded by UK Aid.

They are completely vetted by the government and all of their projects are genuine. VSO have fifteen hundred volunteers overseas at any one time. It’s been hard to get into – I have had lots of assessments, a four day training programme and lots of requirements to meet.

They set a target of £800 but I have already raised more than that.

What’s your fundraising target?

For the time being I’m looking to raise £1800 (which is £1000 more than VSO’s target!).

Have you ever done anything like this before or is this something new for you?

I’ve done a lot of travelling and all of my travelling is based around this type of thing. I lived in Malaysia for a while and I drove a motorbike across Asia. This is my first time on a push bike, it’s going to be quite different to a motorbike!

What bike will you be riding on and what is your equipment for the challenge?

It’s an entry level road bike and I’ve updated it a little bit. It’s not designed for touring but it’s a great bike!
I’m packing light: I have a saddle pack, my bike and a «onesie» lycra cycling suit.

What can other riders or anyone reading this do to help?

Of course they can donate and/or share the Just Giving page on Facebook. If there’s anyone that has places to stay along the route or if anyone wants to meet me and cycle for a few days feel free to get in touch!