Deliveroo meets: James, riding from London to Paris!

James Courtier will be riding from London to Paris. The 300 mile ride will support and raise awareness for Teenage Cancer Trust.

James’ journey will be taking place over 4 days, embarking from the Crystal Palace in south London and heading to Calais on day one. Day two is Calais to Abbeville, it’s Abbeville to Beauvais on day three and, finally, Beauvais to Paris on day four.

Inspiration has been taken from a friend of James’, Gav Topley, who cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats in just his underwear(!) over 16 days for a charity called ActionAid back in 2009.

James is looking to raise £1,500 for Teenage Cancer Trust who provide much needed support to young people diagnosed with cancer.

“Trying to eat less take-away and deliver more!”

We spoke to James about his challenge:

Tell us about yourself!

I really enjoy cycling, it’s one of the things that got me into Deliveroo. I started riding back in February, it’s been my primary form of training for the London to Paris ride. I also enjoy video games, socialising and other normal things.

What inspired you to take this on? Tell us more about Teenage Cancer Trust and why you chose this charity.

I’m fortunate that I’m not directly affected by this but I have friends that have lost family. It’s something I feel really strong about. TCT actually came to us with a list of marathons, fundraising opportunities and events – this one was on the list and I wanted to take part to raise awareness.

What do you like about riding with Deliveroo?

Being my own boss – flexibility is a massive plus for someone like me. It doesn’t feel like a job in terms of other jobs I’ve done. ‘If you find a job doing something you love it doesn’t feel like a job’. My brother rides in Brighton with Deliveroo and said I should join! I really enjoy it!

Have you done this sort of thing before or is this a new challenge for you?

I’ve done similar things, I did the Tour de Bristol back in April. That was a 100km cycle around Bristol and was the furthest event I’ve done that comes close. I know a lot of riders are younger people, TCT will hit home with a lot of us. When I do the event I’m looking at ways that I can distribute the info, on the days I’m riding I’m going to post my Strava beacon link so people can see where I am, the route I’ve covered etc. If anyone wants to track me go ahead, it’ll be on my Just Giving page!

How are you preparing and training?

Getting out as often as I can working with Deliveroo is my primary way of training. I’m trying to eat better too, trying to eat less take-away and deliver more!

We wish James the best of luck!