Deliveroo meets Jamie: Jamie takes on a Half Marathon with a twist

Jamie Taylor, 24, from Portsmouth took on a pretty crazy challenge!

Jamie completed Reading Half Marathon with a Deliveroo bag on his back in support of World Bicycle Relief. WBR is a charity that builds and distributes specially-designed bicycles in rural areas of developing countries.

Completing the Reading Half Marathon is a huge achievement in itself, all 13.1 miles of it, but when you add an old Deliveroo bag to the mix, well, things get to a whole new level.

The charity, so far, has distributed over 300,000 bikes, improving the quality of so many lives and Jamie wanted to help. We want to congratulate Jamie on completing this – It’s an incredible achievement!

We spoke to Jamie about his experience after the event and this is what he had to say:

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve been riding with Deliveroo in Reading for about a year now. When I’m not cycling or running around with things on my back, I like trying my hand at new skills like gardening, plumbing, painting, going to gigs, or just kicking back with a good book and a ukulele (I actually used to carry both of those things in the bottom compartment of the classic Deliveroo box for those quiet shifts).

What do you like about riding with Deliveroo?

I think the most appealing aspect of the job for me is that you’re working outside, you can listen to music on the job, and there’s a bit of a competitive edge to it – on busy days I’m always chasing a new PB of miles or orders.

This was an amazing, if not slightly crazy idea! What made you want to race with the box?

Cheers! I often run the Reading Half Marathon on behalf of a charity because I feel it’s kind of in the spirit of the event to do so. But I wanted to really push myself this year with something that would get people’s attention and be relevant to the cause I was promoting. And of course a vainer part of me just wanted to lay claim to being the first to run with the box.

Would you do it again? - Do you have anymore races planned?

I’m going to cautiously say ‘yes’ but I may come to regret that. So far I don’t have any upcoming races but I would certainly give it another go if the support were there.

Can you tell us a little bit about the cause you ran for - World Bicycle Relief - and why you chose this cause?

I chose World Bicycle Relief because I really like that they have one simple aim: to get bikes to people who need them. At first you might think, «Well, people don’t really need bikes,» but if you get down into it, you realise that just having an alternative to walking can be really helpful.

It saves people time – often hours and hours of walking a day – so that they can get on with doing more important things.

WBR make really solid, low-maintenance bikes and train mechanics out in the field and so far they’ve provided hundreds of thousands of bikes across parts of Africa and Asia.

How can people support World Bicycle Relief?

If you fancy supporting WBR you can go to their website ( and donate anything from a wheelset (£15) upwards. Or whilst my JustGiving page is active you can go on there and donate whatever you like. In fact, I’m willing to promise that if it gets to £1000 I’ll do a full marathon with the box!