Deliveroo Meets: Luca, attempting the world record for 24 hour ergo this summer

Luca, 18, along with friend Will, 19, are taking on the challenge of a 24 hour ergo. They are attempting to beat the world record for males 19 and under!

Luca and Will are rowing to raise money for both the NSPCC and Worcester Rowing Club.

NSPCC are a UK children’s charity fighting child abuse and neglect for the vulnerable. You can view more information about NSPCC on their website.

The pair have also chosen to raise money for Worcester Rowing Club, which is the club that the pair row for. The aim is to help provide some high end equipment to the club.

We’d like to wish them both the best of luck, we know you can do it! We spoke to Luca about the challenge and here’s what he had to say:

So, firstly, tell us a little bit about yourselves!

My name is Luca and I am 18 years old. With me is Will, who is 19 years old. We both row at Worcester Rowing Club as part of the Senior Men’s Squad.

How long have you both been rowers for?

I’ve been rowing for about 7 years since I started at 11 years old. I joined through Worcester Rowing Club and Will has been rowing for about 4 years, starting in year 12 at Hereford Cathedral School. We’ve both thoroughly enjoyed these years and we have grown to love the sport – it’s taken over our lives!

Tell us about the challenge and what you’re hoping to achieve!

What we have set out to do is for both, (or if not both, then one of us), to hopefully beat the world record that currently stands for the 24 hour ergo challenge for the men’s under 19 category. This would be a huge achievement for the both of us and we are both feeling up for the struggle!

Tell us a little bit about why you chose to raise money for NSPCC and Worcester Rowing Club?

The reason we chose the NSPCC is because it is a UK based charity with the aim to prevent child abuse and, as we are both just coming out of our childhoods, we want every child to have the the best experience possible. We are also looking to raise extra funds for Worcester Rowing Club to help provide some high end equipment to the club. This will allow the top squads to perform at as high a level as possible. The equipment includes; boats, blades(oars) and weights for strength training.

What made you decide to take on this challenge?

We both wanted to attempt a world record so we thought we’d play to our strengths and go for an ultra endurance row, it’s the one we felt we had the best chance at competing at for the record.

What can other riders or anyone reading this do to help?

We would hugely appreciate if any riders reading this could donate any money they can to help out and any words of encouragement would mean the world. We will definitely need it to get through!

(If you would like to support Luca and Will through their challenge you can donate by clicking the link at the top of the page.)